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Past CHAA Events:


September - Chinese Voices from the Past.
August - Australian Migrant Heritage in South China.
January - The Yin and the Yang of the Rabbit.


September - The Chinese in North Sydney - 1880-1940.
July - The Heritage Corridor.
April - Enlarged up to Life Size.
February - The Ying and Yang of the Tiger.


February - Ying and Yang of the Rat.


November - Mavis Gock Yen - Between Two Worlds.
April - The Chinese-Australia Heritage Corridor.
February - Ying and Yang of the Pig.


November - Christmas Island: At the Crossroad.
September - Chinese Tombstones, Empty Graves.
July - Chinese Whispers - In Search of Ivy.
April - The Many Histories of Sam Poo, Australia's Chinese Bushranger.
February - The Yin and Yang of the Dog.


November - When will this lad go home?
September - Come and See the Chinese Fairyland: Sydney's Chinese Dance Entertainment in the 1920s-1950s.
July - The Art Deco Department Stores of Shanghai.
March - Family Roles and Responsibilities of Chinese Australian Women in White Australia, 1901-1973.
January - Ying and Yang of the Rooster.


September - Neighbours Excluded - Chinese in Papua New Guinea.
July - Tracing Chinese Australian Families in Shanghai - 1900-1950.
February - The Ying and the Yang of the Monkey.
April - Australian Chinese Heroes Against Discrimination.


February - The Squatter's Daughter.
February - The Ying and Yang of the Sheep.
February - Feng Shui.
April - Super Sniper: Billy Sing, Forgotten Anzac Legend.
September - Dreadnought Dreaming: Buying Battleships by Public Subscription.


January - Feng Shui talk at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.
February - The Tale of the Willow Pattern.
February - The Yin and Yang of the Horse.
February - Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs.
July - The Yin and Yang of the Horse.
September - The ANZAC Biscuit - Chinese Australians in WW1.


September - Uncovering the Chinese Heritage of Australia's Christmas Island.
September - Stories of the Chinese Diaspora.
September - Wedding Portraits - Portrait of a Nation.
May - Beechworth's Little Canton.
February - Vivian Chan Shaw – 40 Years, A Retrospective.
February - Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs.
February - The Yin and Yang of the Snake.
February - The Rocks, King Nam Jang and the Cumines Family.
February - Feng Shui.


October - CHAA’s 10th Anniversary AGM Dinner.
October - Performance 4A and the Chinese Heritage Association of Australia present "Stories Then & Now".
September - 6-8 September 2012 - Stories East and West.
August - Melbourne CCCA 2nd National Conference: Moving On! Building the Chinese Australian Voice.
August - Chinese Garden Speaker Series - Sally Pang Rippingale on My father’s passion - Penjing.
August - Chinese Garden Speaker Series - Brad Powe on from gold-seeker Gwok Ah Poo to market gardener George Harper.
August - Chinese Garden Speaker Series - Cheryl Cumines on The Life of a Chinese Australian family living in The Rocks.
August - Chinese Garden Speaker Series - Marilyn Dooley on My family’s Chinese and Irish connections.
July - John Hunt - Courage, Exploitation and Triumph – The Chinese Contribution to Christmas Island.
May - Brad Powe - His Grandmother’s Name wasn’t really Harper.
February - Claudia Chan Shaw - Repeat presentation of Tales from a Camphorwood Chest: A Chinese Australian Family Story.
February - Feng Shui - Another opportunity to hear Fen Ingersole speak.
January - Claudia Chan Shaw - Tales from a Camphorwood Chest: A Chinese Australian Family Story.
January - Chinese New Year Traditions.

Claudia Chan Shaw with CHAA committee members.
CHAA committee with Claudia Chan Shaw. L to R - Margaret Cumines, Daphne Lowe Kelley, Claudia Chan Shaw, Kathie Blunt and Cheryl Cumines.


October - CHAA 10th Anniversary Dinner.
October - Book Launch - Chinese Australian Women's Stories. In conjunction with Jessie Street National Women's Library. Book launched by the Honorable Tanya Plibersek MP, Federal Minister for Health, Member for Sydney. September - Saving La Perouse Chinese Market Gardens.
September - From Canton with Courage - Australian Chinese in Parramatta and Beyond.
September - The Sydney Markets.
June - Lambing Flats: Past, Present and Future.
April - Finding the Chinese Australian Voice.
April - Chinese Cultural Days.
April - Lambing Flats 150th Commemorative Coach Tour.
February - Chinese New Year Talks.
February - Peach Girl, classic silent movie.
February - Meeting in Moree.
February - About Face.
January - Stories East and West.


September - Asian Australian Faces.
August - My Chinese Heritage and More.
May - Chinese in Australia - Sources of Information.
May - Stories East and West.
February - Feng Shui (Talk).
February - Beat the Climate Crunch. Libby Wong, an award winning Hong Kong writer and former Hong Kong Legislative Councillor.
February - Chinese New Year Traditions.
February - Discover the Magic of Chinese Opera.


November - Story Telling - Chinese Story Tellers. Concept and direction by William Yang
October - Memories of China Town - Angeline Oyang OAM, Yick Chong Louie MBE, Arthur Gar-Lock Chang (in Cantonese)
October - Memories of China Town - Sally Pang, Allan Yip and Daphne Lowe Kelley (in English)
September - History Week - A National Scandal - Perceptions of Asian-Australian marriages.- Kathie Blunt
August - Specks of Gold - A talk by Marilyn Dooley.
April - The Willow Pattern Story, Feng Shui, Qigong 3 events as part of Chinese Cultural Day.
May - "They Were More Than Just Gold Diggers" - Robyn Atherton


November - An Introduction to Modern Chinese Ink Landscape Painting Workshop - Margaret Ng.
September - CHAA AGM4 2008/09.
August - The Story af an Australian Kung Fu Master - Max Austin.
May - Dilemma of the Chinese Returnee - Kong Teh.
February - Understanding Chinese Names - Dr Yit Seng Yow.
February - Interpreting Chinese Zodiac Signs - Dr Yit SengYow.
February8 - Chinese Dimensions: their Roots, Mindset and Psyche by Yit Seng Yow - Sydney launch by Paula Masselos, Director SBS Radio.
February - Chinese Australians in Film and Theatre - Dr Jacqueline Lo, Jon-Claire Lee, Gabrielle Chan, Annette Shun Wah.


November - Chinese Australians in the Australian Defence Forces, introduction by Diana Giese author of Courage and Service stories by Pilot Officer Thomas Cheong OAM, FCPA; Lt Col. RJ (Bob) Leedow RFD, ED, JP; Ray Kim (Air Force pilot) and Signalman Leo Francis Kum Jew.
September - Aiming for Beijing Gold - Lindy Hou OAM.
September - Memoirs of an Australian Country Lawyer - Derrick Yee (in English with Chinese translation by Angeline Oyang).
September - Married to the Region - An Historical Perspective of Asian/Australian Marriages 1945-1970 - Dr Kathie Blunt.
August - Playing Fan Tan:Australian-born Chinese Identities - Dr Carole Tan
May - Married to the Region - An Historical Perspective of Asian/Australian Marriages 1945-1970 - Dr Kathie Blunt.
February - A Chinese Australian Afternoon - Family stories by Cheryl Cumines, Daphne Lowe Kelley , Ducman Allen Yip. Entertainment by Sheung W (Sherry) Chan (poet) and Louisa Chin (singer).
February - Chinese Australian Family Stories, Kay Lin Simpson Lee and Stanley Hunt OAM (in English with Mandarin translation by Angeline Oyang).


November - Cultural Perspectives of two ABCs - Cheryl Yin-Lo and Wendy Hee.
August - Remembering the Forgotten - Chinese Gravestones - Doris Yau-Chong Jones.
May - The Journey of the Yen Family - Robert Yen.
February - Leaves from the Yip Family Tree - Allen Yip.


November - Why join together? Seeking successful cammunity organisations. Discussion with community leaders and members facilitated by Diana Giese.
August - An Early Sydney Chinese Restaurant - Shirley Fitzgerald, City of Sydney Historian and Sally Pang Rippingale.
May - The Stan Hunt Story: Original boat people - Stanley Hunt OAM.
February - Researching, recording and sharing your family stories - Christine Yeats NSW State Records; Faye Young Genealogist; Diana Giese Researcher/Writer.


November - The Hoy Family - Hakka Mandarin Descendants - Stan and Dot Hoy.
July - The Gam Famiy - Timber Industry Pioneers - Ross Gam.
May - Chinese Matriarchs and Merchants of the Northern Territory - Dr Lyn Fong.
February - From Gold to God and Suburban Sydney - Kaylin Simpson Lee.


October - The Story of a Chinese Market Gardening Family in Willoughby - Ian Rannard.
June - How to research your family history - Faye Young.


November - The History of the Cumines Family going back 125 years - Cheryl and Margaret Cumines.

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