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CHAA celebrates 20 years. Read all about our 20 year journey here: CHAA History.

Statement about the Museum of Chinese in Australia (MOCA):Moca Info 2020.

CHAA is apolitical.

Nonetheless, we endorse the anti-racist sentiments expressed in 'The Sydney Morning Herald' editorial on 23rd April: "It should go without saying that Chinese-Australians are not to blame for the pandemic." For more information, go to:

Here are highlights from the editorial -

Chinese-Australians played a crucial role in fight against COVID-19.

The nation has pulled together to face the myriad challenges posed by coronavirus which is why it was so important this week for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to call out those targeting Chinese-Australians.
The 1.2 million-strong community has been the target of slurs, juvenile xenophobia in 'The Daily Telegraph', vandalism and even physical attacks... and the Australian Human Rights Commission has reported that about one in four complaints it received in February and March were from Asians with similar stories.
A group of 16 Chinese-Australians, including Herald contributors Benjamin Law and Adam Liaw, penned an open letter this month warning this racial vilification posed a threat to national unity. The letter has received bipartisan support from ALP Senator Penny Wong and Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg. Another 30,000 have signed the petition.
It should go without saying that Chinese-Australians are not to blame for the pandemic or for the mistakes which the Chinese Communist Party undoubtedly made in January when it failed to control the spread of the virus.
Yet a number of other unfortunate claims are sometimes made which should be challenged. Some mistakenly blame Chinese people returning from visits home for spreading the virus here...
The numbers confirm that the growth of the virus was relatively contained in February. Numbers rose sharply in March because of travellers returning from the US and Europe as well as government mismanagement of cruise ship arrivals. Those groups did more to spread the disease in Australia... Unfortunately, some politicians overseas have spoken loosely about coronavirus in a way that encourages prejudice. US President Donald Trump has been among the worst, referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus”.
The 'Herald' has repeatedly raised concerns about the activities of the CCP’s United Front Work Department which hounds critics of its poor human rights record and policies on Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. This masthead will also continue to report on Beijing’s expanding influence in the region, including foreign interference activities, without fear or favour.
This geopolitical tension is likely to grow, particularly as US authority weakens under Trump. But the CCP’s failings can never become an excuse for prejudice against our vibrant Chinese-Australian community.

CHAA events have been cancelled till further notice due to Coronavirus. Membership renewals for 2020 have been waived. Membership renewals will be due 1st July 2021.

The 2019 Committee is:
President – Cheryl Cumines
Vice-President – Kathie Blunt
Secretary – Margaret Cumines
Treasurer – Kathie Blunt
Committee – Doug Blunt, Brad Powe.

Membership Renewals.
If you haven’t already renewed, you have until September 30th to do so. If you are renewing by direct deposit, please remember to send an email to our Treasurer, Dr Kathie Blunt, advising her of this. Details can be found in the membership section of the website. If you joined during the current calendar year, your first renewal will be due on 1st July 2020.

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Billy Sing Memorial

Photos from the Billy Sing Memorial dedication.
01. Margaret and  Cheryl Cumines and Kathie Blunt waiting for the ceremony to start. 02. Cheryl Cumines and Kathie Blunt with Ray Poon from the Chinese Australian  Historical Association (Brisbane). 03. Margaret and Cheryl Cumines and Kathie and Doug Blunt with Wayne Swan.
04. The official guests. 05. The front of the memorial to Billy Sing. 06. The inscription on the  back of the monument which also honours all Chinese Australians who enlisted in WWI.
07. A Pictorial salute to Billy Sing, including reproductions of his medals. 08. Light Horse Re-enactors. 09. Major General Darryl Low Choy (Retired) gave the keynote speech at the ceremony. He is the highest-ranking Chinese Australian to have served in Australia's military forces.
10. CHAA President Cheryl Cumines and Vice-President Kathie Blunt laid a wreath on behalf of CHAA. 11. CHAA President Cheryl Cumines and Vice-President Kathie Blunt laid a wreath on behalf of CHAA. 12. CHAA President Cheryl Cumines and Vice-President Kathie Blunt laid a wreath on behalf of CHAA.
13. CHAA's wreath. 14. The card on CHAA's wreath. 15. The floral tributes laid in honour of Billy Sing.
16. Dismounting the Catafalque Party. 17. Doug Blunt, Ray Poon, Kathie Blunt, Major General Darryl Low Choy, Cheryl Cumines, Bill O'Chee and members of the Chinese Australian Historical Association (Brisbane). 18. Billy Sing's gravestone in Lutwyche Cemetery.
19. Doug and Kathie Blunt, Ray Poon and Cheryl and Margaret Cumines at the reception following the memorial service.

Centenary of Gallipoli – Talk

CHAA’s Vice-President, Dr Kathie Blunt, will present a talk at 2.30 on 11th April at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts (SMSA) to commemorate the centenary of the Gallipoli landing. Following on from last year’s History Week talk, Kathie will be concentrating on Billy Sing and the life of a sniper. For more details, see our Upcoming Events page.

Billy Sing

With the many televised events related to Australian history and WWI in particular, Billy Sing has been sighted a number of times recently. He appeared briefly in Gallipoli on Channel 9, although his status as a Chinese-Australian was mysteriously changed by the addition of an “h” at the end of his name (Singh – totally changes his cultural background!). He also appeared in Australia – the Story of Us on Channel 7 and is on the front cover of the second magazine of the same name.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year began with the launch, in very soggy weather, on Friday 13th February, at Dawes Point, where the illuminated 'Entombed Warriors' were on display. On Wednesday 18th February, Fen Ingersole presented two talks on Feng Shui at Customs House Library, and on Saturday 21st February, Marilyn Dooley presented a wonderful talk on The Yin and Yang of the Sheep (Ram/Goat), followed by a screening of Ken G. Hall’s Australian film masterpiece The Squatter’s Daughter. I have to say that universal themes (resilience, family) continue to resonate.


Chinese Women’s Association Talk

The CWA will be presenting a talk, on Saturday 11th Apri1, 30 – 3.30 pm, also at the SMSA, 280 Pitt St Sydney. Shirley Anne McKay from the Dolls’ Collectors Club of NSW will be the guest speaker. Again, cost is $7 (members and spouses) or $8 (non-members). Bookings – Marie Chan 9665 0499 or Rose Wong 9872 1580.Lambing Flat Chinese Festival

This year’s Lambing Flat Chinese Festival will be held in Young on Saturday 21st March. CHAA’s sister association, Australasian Arts and Stagework, will have a very strong presence at the festival. CHAA wishes all the best to everyone involved.

The Yin and Yang of the Horse.

An encore presentation of her Chinese New Year talk will be given by CHAA Vice-President Marilyn Dooley at Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, Level 1, 280 Pitt St, Sydney, on Saturday 26th July at 2.30 pm. This will be a much-enhanced talk as Marilyn will have an array of visuals for us to enjoy. Tickets - Members $8; Non-members $10.
Information and bookings: Kathie 0401 209 093 or

History Week – Save the Date.

Kathie Blunt will be presenting her History Week talk, Anzac Biscuits: the Missing Ingredient – Chinese in WWI on THURSDAY 11th September 11.30 am – 12.30 pm.

Chinese sites in Victoria’s Alpine Region.

Margaret and I recently spent a week away in Victoria’s Alpine Region with members of our church community. We were based in Bright and visited a number of local producers including a berry farm, a goat and deer farm, an apple orchard, a winery, a lavender farm and a chocolate factory. (It’s a great place to go to on holiday, especially in autumn.) .
In addition, we had the opportunity to visit a number of sites of significance to the Chinese gold miners of the nineteenth century. Located at the Bright Museum is the Chinese joss house which has been rebuilt and its interior replicated.
Various finds from the area include an entire room devoted to the Chinese history of the region. Bright is close to the Buckland River Valley, the site of the Buckland (anti-Chinese) Riot in 1867. On display is the banner from the area's 150th anniversary commemoration of the Buckland Riot. One of the volunteer guides explained that the whole community was involved in the commemoration.
In Wandiligong a Chinese swing bridge has been built as a heritage project to acknowledge the presence and contribution of the Chinese to the community.
Other significant sites included the Chinese Protection Office and, in the Chinese Cemetery, the Ceremonial Burning Towers, both in Beechworth. Also in Beechworth, at the Burke Museum, are a number of finds from the local area, including some donated by Vivian McWaters, CHAA’s guest speaker in April 2013. I am pleased to say that Ned Kelly will be vacating the Museum at some time later this year to make way for an enlarged Chinese exhibition. (I think the Ned Kelly material may be taking up residence at the Courthouse where Ned Kelly, his brothers and his mother appeared before, and were sentenced by, the local magistrate at various times.)
The Burke Museum is raising funds for the preservation of a Chinese banner from the 1860s and I am pleased that CHAA has been able to make a contribution towards its preservation.

Launch of the Chinese Market Garden at the Museum of Sydney

Celestial City and the Chinese Market Garden officially launched on 29th March with much fanfare and banging of drums. The market garden looked amazing – lush and full of vegetables, and it had already been harvested once. Congratulations to Johnny and Dexter, the two Chinese market gardeners who set up the garden beds and have been returning on a regular basis to maintain the gardens.
Chinese Market Garden 1    Chinese Market Garden 2    Chinese Market Garden 3    Chinese Market Garden 4

CHAA’s logo proudly appears on the signage outside the Museum of Sydney as a partner in the market garden.
CHAA Signage.    CHAA Signage.    CHAA Signage.

The official launch of the Market Garden was followed by a rousing lion dance which started in the Museum of Sydney’s forecourt…
Lion Dance 1.    Lion Dance 2.
…and continued into the Museum foyer.
Lion Dance 4.    Lion Dance 5.

Art Demonstration.

As part of the proceedings on 29th March, Andrew Lo, President of the Australian Chinese Painting Society, demonstrated the art of traditional Chinese rice paper painting, using non-traditional tools and techniques. It was a delight to see his painting of a gum forest appear before us. This was followed by a do-it-yourself session where visitors could create their own artworks.
Andrew Lo.

Celestial City – VIP Launch.

Although the official launch of Celestial City took place on 29th March, the VIP launch and media briefing was held earlier, on 27th March. The exhibition was launched by Michael Rose, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sydney Living Museums (SLM), former Premier, Barry O’Farrell and Robyn Parker, former Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage.
This was followed by an opportunity for invitees to tour the exhibition. The exhibition is comprehensive and is a real compliment to Dr Nicola Teffer, the guest curator. I remember a conversation with Dr Teffer in August 2011 at one of CHAA’s talks at the Chinese Garden of Friendship. At the time, she said she was hoping to curate an exhibition about the early Chinese in Sydney and it is wonderful to see that it has come to fruition. A significant part of the exhibition is devoted to Quong Tart, one of two Chinese Mandarins in Sydney in the nineteenth century. Some of his descendants are pictured, left, with CHAA member Nola Bramble, at the official launch on March 29. They generously loaned some of the Quong Tart memorabilia on display.
Another Quong Tart descendant, Josh Quong Tart (pictured with Margaret and Cheryl Cumines), attended the VIP launch. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the official launch as he had a matinee and evening performance of The Lion King – he plays “Scar”, the evil uncle.
Celestial City – VIP Launch.
Also at the VIP launch were Dr John Yu AC and CHAA member Brad Powe. Brad is pictured with a photograph of his ancestor, Ah Poo, later known as George Harper, a Parramatta pioneer (below, right).
I was delighted to find photos from Braidwood of the Nomchong family (behind Dr Yu and myself, below left). I taught in Braidwood for two and a half years and spent the first nine months living in the Orient Bank. From the exhibition, I discovered that the Orient Bank had been established by none other than Quong Tart and the Nomchong brothers in the nineteenth century!
Celestial City – VIP Launch.    Celestial City – VIP Launch.

Art Exhibition.

Congratulations to CHAA member Lucienne Fontannaz on her wonderful exhibition at COSA. The exhibition featured work for Lucienne’s Master’s Degree in Fine Art. Lucienne was CHAA’s guest speaker at the Museum of Sydney during Chinese New Year when she spoke about the Tale of the Willow Pattern.
Lucienne Fontannaz.

Lambing Flat Chinese Festival.

In previous years, the commemoration of the anti-Chinese riots in Lambing Flat (Young) has taken the form of a re-enactment of the reading of the Riot Act. Congratulations to Young Shire Tourism Manager, David Newberry, who reimagined the way the commemoration could be held, presented with much emphasis on the Chinese who were on the goldfields, then saw it through. Congratulations also to CHAA’s sister association, Australasian Art and Stageworks, for its role in highlighting Chinese culture, both traditional and modern.
The Festival began with a Chinese Film Festival at the Young Servicemen’s Club on Friday 11th April. The Film Festival consisted of a series of short films made by Australian Chinese and featuring Australian Chinese actors. It was interesting to see the change in language – the more recent films were in Mandarin while an older film, featuring Gabby Chan and Michael Quan, which had won a number of international film awards, was in Cantonese.
12th April was an oasis of sunshine at the end of a week of rain. Unfortunately, it was still raining in Sydney which meant that a Chinese food van did not come down for the Festival. Chinese food was, however, available from one of Young’s restaurants, sold by members of the Young and District Multicultural Association.
The Festival was run in and around the environs of the Young Tourism Office, housed in the former Young Railway Station at Anderson Park. Combined with Chinese calligraphy demonstrations, a craft market and a competition featuring the district’s schools, the Festival was highly successful, with well in excess of 2000 people visiting during the day and evening. Lovely to bump into Vivienne McWaters, CHAA’s guest speaker in April 2013 and author of Beechworth’s Little Canton.
The Festival was officially opened in the early afternoon with speeches, a re-enactment of the reading of the Riot Act and, for the first time, a re-enactment of the anti-Chinese riots with Chinese actors participating. This was preceded and concluded by one of the Chinese actors who spoke about the lingering effects of the anti-Chinese riots on the Australian Chinese psyche.
It was also a chance for us to say goodbye to Kim Johnson who had acted as our guide in 2011 when members of CHAA and the Chinese Women’s Association visited Young and Harden-Murrumburrah for the 150th anniversary of the Lambing Flat anti-Chinese riots. Kim was instrumental in the development of the Gold Trails Project ( which now encompasses 17 shires in rural NSW.
The re-enactments were followed by demonstrations of Chinese martial arts, tai chi, Chinese dancing and singing in both English and in Cantonese. Lindy Hou OAM, Paralympian gold medallist, made an appearance with her guide dog Harper. She was interviewed on stage by Daphne Lowe Kelley. Lindy brought her gold medal from the Athens Paralympics and her silver and bronze medals from the Beijing Paralympics and happily posed for photographs with Festival attendees. Lindy was CHAA’s guest speaker in September 2007.
The highlight of the Festival in Anderson Park was the twilight lion dance, featuring five lions with their own lighting effects. The lions emerged from the Tourism Office, drums banging, with a Pied Piper effect on the people gathered in the park, leading them to the stage area. David Newberry noted, with pleasure, that patrons of the hotel opposite the park were also drawn out by the drumming. CHAA Vice President, Marilyn Dooley, noted that the fascinated look on the faces of the children was echoed in the faces of their parents. The dancing was followed by a highly energetic martial arts display.
The lion dancers were gracious – despite having to drive through the night to get back to Sydney for an 11 am performance the next day, they remained in the park for more than half an hour for many locals to have their photos taken with them.
The Festival concluded with a revival of the stage play, Life’s A Stage, originally performed as part of the 2013 Chinese New Year Festival. This was the first time the play had been performed outside Sydney. Although some of the cast were reprising their roles, a number of the actors were new – congratulations to them all for the successful staging of the play and for bringing Cantonese opera to a new, and highly appreciative, audience.
Lambing Flats - 2014.    Lambing Flats - 2014.    Reading_a_letter__home_from_a_Chinese_miner.
Lambing Flats - 2014. Gaby Chan.    Lambing Flats - 2014.    Lambing Flats - 2014.
Lambing Flats - 2014.    Lambing Flats - 2014.    Lambing Flats - 2014.
Lambing Flats - 2014.    Lambing Flats - 2014.    Lambing Flats - 2014.
Lambing Flats - 2014.    Lambing Flats - 2014.    Lambing Flats - 2014.
Young Tourism Office.

Special mention must go to CHAA member Daphne Lowe Kelley. Daphne is also Vice-President of Australasian Art and Stageworks and played a significant role in the success of the Lambing Flat Chinese Festival.

Celestial City: Sydney's Chinese Story - 29th March to 12th October 2014.

Celestial City is a new exhibition at the Museum of Sydney. It focuses on the history of the Chinese and some of the hardships they faced in the 19th century in Sydney. It also celebrates achievements of those who forged ahead and contributed to our multicultural society.
“Celestial City: Sydney's Chinese Story weaves a rich tapestry of the lives of Sydney’s early Chinese – market gardeners, goldminers, merchants, diplomats – and celebrates the pivotal role the Chinese Community played in shaping modern Australia…. From glamorous tearooms to opium dens, race riots to mixed marriages, Celestial City captures both the darkest moments of Australia’s multicultural journey and the triumph of one of our most influential and respected communities” – excerpt from the Museum of Sydney’s Exhibition and Events program brochure Celestial City Sydney’s Chinese Story.
CHAA is very proud to be associated with this exhibition.

For more information, please read the media release or go the Museum Of Sydney’s website:

YouTube links for the official launch held on Thursday 27.3.14:-
- Celestial City launch.
- NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell - Celestial City Exhibition Opening Speech.
- Celestial City - Sydney's Chinese Story at the Museum of Sydney.

December News.

Find attached CHAA's December new update from our President:
President's December News.

Dates from Chinese New Year activites have been added to our Upcoming Events page.

CHAA 2013 AGM President's Report.

Find attached the 2013 Presidents report from our AGM:
President's Report PDF.

April News.

CHAA’s New Slogan.
After one of CHAA’s Chinese New Year events, some of CHAA’s committee members got together and decided we needed a slogan to succinctly say what CHAA is all about – as you can see from our logo above. So that’s who we are – an association involved in Exploring and Sharing Australian Chinese Heritage and History.
Beechworth’s Little Canton.
At one time, Beechworth, in Victoria, had a thriving Chinese community and it is the subject of CHAA’s next event. A chance discovery by her daughter more than forty years ago led Vivienne McWaters to spend a lifetime studying and researching the Chinese of Beechworth, culminating in the publication of her book, Beechworth’s Little Canton.
Vivienne will be sharing the story of her research into the Chinese of Beechworth as well as some of the stories of those Chinese. Join CHAA and Vivienne McWaters at 2.30 pm on Saturday May 18 at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts (see attached flyer).
The Gold Trails Project.
Some of you might remember the weekend trip to Young and Harden-Murrumburrah two years ago to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Lambing Flat Riot, a dark period in Sino-Australian goldfields history. It was initiated by CHAA and jointly organised with the Chinese Women’s Association, and members and friends from both CWA and CHAA went along. Our guide at the time was Kim Johnson, who spoke to us about the Gold Trails Project, which he hoped would allow the local shires to share their gold history. If your memory is even longer, you might remember Robyn Atherton and Lorraine Brown, President and Secretary, respectively, of the Harden-Murrumburrah Historical Society, at one of CHAA’s events. Robyn is the author of They were more than just gold diggers : the Chinese of Murrumburrah and surrounding districts 1860s-1960s. Robyn’s work on the Chinese Cemetery at Murrumburrah led to us having a ‘respect for the ancestors ceremony’ at the Cemetery when we were there.
Two years on, it has all come to fruition. The Gold Trails Project now involves seventeen shires, with major towns in each shire having interpretive signage to explain to visitors. The website – – went live at 9 a.m. on 9th March and was launched at Blackguard Gully, Young, as part of the Young Gold Trail Festival. The interpretive signage at Blackguard Gully, the original Lambing Flat, explains the events that took place there. Also unveiled on the same day was interpretive signage at the Chinese Cemetery in Murrumburrah, two in the main street of Murrumburrah (one to the Chinese shopkeepers), and at the grave of bushranger John Gilbert, just outside Binalong.
The website is well worth a visit – we even learned more about our own family history from it. If you’re on holiday in any one of the shires involved in the Gold Trails Project, look out for the interpretive signage and learn more about Australia's colonial history. Congratulations to everyone involved in getting the Gold Trails Project from an idea to reality.
The Jade “Bridal Carriage” at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.
The jade carriage, which was originally on display at the Queen Victoria Building following its refurbishment, has been on display at the Chinese Garden of Friendship for some time. Due to concerns related to weathering, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) has been looking for a new indoor home for the carriage.
SHFA is currently in talks with a view to finding a new home for the carriage. As soon as CHAA learns where that new home will be, it will be in the newsletter.
Thanks to everyone who responded to SHFA’s request.
Helen Fong, CHAA member and a significant member of the Chinese community, passed away at the end of March after a long illness. She was farewelled at Northern Suburbs Crematorium on 8th April in a moving ceremony, followed by a wake in which she was fondly remembered by her husband, son and other family members and friends. CHAA sends its sincere condolences to Helen’s family.

Chinese New Year - 2013

Chinese New Year is over for another year. What a busy time over the two weeks! I hope you were able to see, taste, listen, or participate in some of the many events and activities in your local area or in the City of Sydney.
I am pleased to say that all five of CHAA’s talks were well attended and there was good feedback.
Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs at Customs House Library was very well received – I know I learned a lot at that talk. Thank you Angeline Oyang AO.

Fen Ingersol Talk.

Our three Feng Shui talks went over very well. I went to the talks at Customs House Library and there were some very curly questions for Fen Ingersole. Thanks to Ana Brandãu who stepped in for Fen at the Chinese Garden of Friendship when Fen was unexpectedly called in to work.

We had a special guest at Vice-President Marilyn Dooley’s talk, The Yin and Yang of the Snake, at the Chinese Garden of Friendship – a python Marilyn called ‘May Ling’ from Wild Life Sydney Zoo, also at Darling Harbour. ‘May Ling’ was full of hugs, if not kisses, judging from the photos. Thanks, too, to CHAA Secretary, Margaret Cumines, who stepped in for hosting duties at both talks at the Chinese Garden of Friendship. With the Garden in mind, CHAA’s best wishes go to Cindy Gross, our contact at the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. Cindy begins maternity leave today.

Marilyn Dooley CHAA Vice President and May Ling Marilyn, Daphne and friend. Marilyn, Margaret and friend. CHAA Display.
Margaret Cumines CHAA Secretary Anna Cossu Historic Houses Trust Cheryl Cumines CHAA President at the Museum of Sydney.

My own talk, The Rocks, King Nam Jang and the Cumines Family, at the Museum of Sydney, went very well. In researching the Chinese in the Rocks as background for my talk, I have to say I learned quite a lot about the Chinese history of the area as well as of the Unwin Stores, where my family’s business was based. Thanks to Sam Sweedman, our contact at the Historic Houses Trust, and to Anna Cossu, the curator of the Susannah Place Museum (centre), who introduced my talk. Congratulations to Claudia Chan Shaw, who curated the exhibition Vivian Chan Shaw 40 Years / A Retrospective at the Whitehouse School of Design in Surry Hills. CHAA was proud to be associated with this exhibition. What a remarkable talent. The launch was an absolute delight – the opportunity to see the most amazing designs and to see some immediately recognisable faces – and not just CHAA members!

Congratulations to Daphne Lowe Kelley, Gabrielle Chan and Michael Quan, CHAA members who, as members of Australasian Art and Stageworks, acted in a new bilingual play at the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood. Their play, Life's A Stage, helped bring Chinese New Year to a great, if damp, close. A number of members of both CHAA and the Chinese Women's Association attended the Saturday performance - a day which many will remember for the rather wild weather which, although daunting, did not stop us from enjoying a poignant glimpse into the life of a Cantonese opera star.

Lambing Flat

Those members who went on the Young/Harden-Murramburrah trip in 2011 will be pleased to know that both Blackguard Gully and the Murramburrah Chinese Cemetery have been signposted and the signs will be officially unveiled on Saturday March 9 as part of the Lambing Flat Festival, a ‘Gold Trail’ event.
The ‘Roll-Up Banner’ was one of the highlights of the trip, at the Lambing Flat Folk Museum – anyone who visited the Snake, Snake, Snake art exhibition at the (Sydney) Lower Town Hall will have seen William Yang’s evocative photograph of the banner. Margaret and I will be making the trip to Young for this special event. For further details, contact the Young Visitor Information Centre – 02 6382 3394 or

Please Help Me Find…

Louie Goh Mong (Charlie)

Perri Prince is producing a documentary on the Hydro-Majestic Hotel in the Blue Mountains. The hotel is due to reopen in January 2014. Perri is looking for descendants of Louie Goh Mong, nicknamed ‘Charlie’, who cooked at the Hydro Majestic from the early 1900s, working for Mark Foy (of Mark Foy’s) for thirty-five years.
Perri has discovered, through researching at the Mitchell Library, that Charlie won the lottery at one stage, went back to China, married, and came back to Sydney to raise his family. Perri is hoping to locate any remaining family members and see if they have any stories from Charlie’s past. If you are a family member or knew Charlie or members of his family, and you are interested in sharing insights into Charlie’s life, please let me know and I will pass on Perri’s contact details.

David Kui Kong Young

Charles Young, who lives in Hawaii, would like to know more about his father. His grandfather, En Young, emigrated from Guangdong to Hawaii in 1877. His father, David Kui Kong Young, boxed extensively in Australia in 1939-1940, including bouts against Mickey Miller and Joe Hall. He seems to have had a following among Sydney’s Chinese. Charles will be visiting Australia in June and he is hoping to learn more about his father’s time here in Australia. If you have any memories of David, either boxing or socially, and would like to share those memories with Charles, please let me know and I will be happy to pass on either Charles’ contact details or your stories.

Australian Chinese Ex-Services National Reunion

James Yu would like to make contact with the Reunion. He would like to investigate the possibility of participation in ANZAC commemorations. I have forwarded a copy of CHAA’s November 2007 event flyer to James. If you are a member of the Reunion or you have contact details for the Reunion, please let me know so that I can send you James’ contact details.

Donations to Not-For-Profit Organisations and Tax Deductions.

Following information was sent to CHAA by the Australian Tax Office.

Take care when making tax deductible gifts or donations
The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is encouraging people in the community to take care when claiming tax deductions for gifts or donations made to organisations. 
The ATO has become aware of instances where people have made donations to organisations they incorrectly believed were deductible gift recipients. To be a deductible gift recipient, an organisation must be either endorsed by the ATO or listed in the tax law. Donations made to organisations that are not deductible gift recipients cannot be claimed as a deduction in your tax return.
Before making gifts or donations, the ATO would like to encourage people to check whether the organisation they are donating to really is a deductible gift recipient. Doing so is easy - simply visit the ABN Lookup website at or call the ATO on 13 28 61 between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.   
If someone in your community thinks they have made a mistake on their tax return or are not sure what they can claim, they can contact the ATO to speak to a customer service representative.
Those who do not speak English well can phone the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 13 14 50 for help with their call.
Need to know more?
More information on tax deductible gifts and donations is available on the ATO website at or by calling 13 28 61.

Authorised by:
 Australian Taxation Office
Phone: 13 28 61
For enquiries about the offers or information contained in the email above, please contact the organisation directly.


CHAA Members may be interested in the charity show - "THE WONG SIDE OF LIFE". A drama comedy play with puppets and actors - "FOR THE YOUNG AND OLD, FOOD FOR THE SOUL!"
Here's the link for tickets:

If you aren't able to come, please help us raise more money so we can put more $ towards The Cancer Council by contributing $10 to our project. $10 goes a long WONG way!
Project page:

SPECIAL OFFER FOR CHAA members (or for any friends).

Life's a Stage - a play in which CHAA's own Daphne Lowe Kelley is not only one of the producers but also appears on stage.
When making a booking and buying tickets, if you use the codeword “DAPHNE” you can buy one ticket and get one free ( buy 2 tickets get 2 free etc).
There are 3 Performances at Zenith Theatre, Chatswood:
Friday 22 February @ 7:30pm
Saturday 23 February @ 2pm
Sunday 24 February @ 5pm
Tickets $25 or $20 concession/group can be purchased online or phone booking office 9777 7547.
Event Flyer: Life's a Stage.

President's Update - 12/12.

Chinese Australian Women's Stories is now available for purchase. Click on the image above for further information and the order form.

Press Release about CHAA's 10th aniversary dinner and book launch in English and Chinese: Press Release.

The 2013 Sydney Festival features two Chinese Operas – The Peony Pavilion and The Jade Hairpin – performed in the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, in Mandarin with English subtitles: Event flyer with booking information.

2012 AGM, 10th Anniversary Dinner and Book Launch

CHAA’s AGM was held on 25th October 2012. Daphne Lowe Kelley stood down as President after heading CHAA for ten years.

At the Anniversary Dinner, Daphne gave a summary of CHAA's history, and special guest Dr Geoff Lee MP, State Member for Parramatta, praised CHAA and Daphne’s presidency. It was announced that Daphne has been honoured with being CHAA’s first Honorary Life Member.

Jozefa Sobski, Chair of the Jessie Street National Women’s Library Board and Emeritus Professor Sybil Jack introduced Chinese Australian Women’s Stories, a publication from the Jessie Street National Women’s Library in conjunction with CHAA.

The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP, Federal Minister for Health, Federal Member for Sydney, then launched Chinese Australian Women’s Stories. In her speech*, the Minister told the audience that “it is important to keep alive the stories of the rich contributions successive generations of Chinese Australians have made in our country, and pass them on to non-Chinese Australians as well as more recent arrivals”, and referred to “the moving stories of hardship and resilience in this book”.

Each of the storytellers present on the night and members of the Editorial Committee were then presented with their copy of Chinese Australian Women’s Stories by the Minister.

*For the full text of the Minister’s speech, click here.

Photos from the evening (click to enlarge).

News Update June 2012.

To CHAA Members and friends.

Brad Powe’s talk 19 May: Was good to see all those present at Brad’s talk on his family history last month. For those who were not able to make it, Brad will be repeating his talk at the Chinese Garden 19 August – see (6) below.

Saving the Chinese Market Gardens at Phillip Bay La Perouse: At the 22 May Randwick City Council meeting, council endorsed the draft LEP and the formal confirmation of the Minutes will take place at the 26 June meeting. The proposed rezoning of the heritage-listed Chinese Market Gardens at Phillip Bay La Perouse to RU4 Primary production was unchanged BUT a Mayoral Minute to consider a planning proposal submitted by the ESMP Trust (Botany Cemetery) to take 60% of the market gardens was also passed, so our battle to save the gardens is still ongoing.

Market Garden Photos: I went to the Leichhardt Library with some friends, in May, to see the photos on exhibition there taken by Desmond Ong Between the tin shed & the brick house. They certainly captured the essence of this traditional way of food production that many of our forebears were involved in.

Lane Cove Probus Club: I have an appointment next Wednesday to be their June guest speaker on Chinese Australian History and Heritage.

Membership Renewal for 2012 - 2013 - Renewal Form.

That should see me out for the year ready for a holiday.
Daphne Lowe Kelley
0417 655 233.

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

Gung Hee Fat Choy. A Happy New Year to all.
May your wishes come true in the Year of the Dragon.

Our first Chinese New Year event Tales from a camphorwood chest: a Chinese-Australian family story, as presented by Claudia Chan Shaw, was a wonderful start to our activities for 2012. So popular was this event that it is being repeated:
Claudia Chan Shaw’s “Tales from a Camphorwood Chest – A Chinese Australian Family Story”.
Sat 18 Feb 2012 2-4pm Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 280 Pitt St, Sydney. $15/$10 members.
Bookings: Kathie 4861 3078 0438 211 339

Other CHAA events:
Wed Jan 25 “Chinese New Year Traditions” Angeline Oyang 12:15-1pm Customs House Library. Cost: FREE. Bookings essential on 9242 8555, Mon Jan 30 “Feng Shui” Fen Ingersole Chinese Garden of Friendship 2-3pm. Wed Feb 1 “Feng Shui” at Custom House Library. Two sessions 10:30am & 12 noon.Cost: FREE. Bookings essential on 9242

Australasian Art & Stageworks: This year, in addition to the CHAA events I am also involved with 4 events by AASI. For more details, see CNY Festival program or
Fri Jan 27 – 2 entertaining short films “The Last Chip” and “Mooncake & Crab” 6:30pm SMSA. $8 (incl refreshments) Bookings 0417 655 233
* Wed Feb 1 “The Quiet Brother – Meet the Cast” 8-9pm Customs House Library L2 Reading Room. Cost: FREE. Bookings essential on 9242 8555.
* Feb 23-26 “The Quiet Brother” season at the Belvoir St Downstairs Theatre. Bookings: Belvoir Box Office 9699 34444.
* Sat 4 Feb – Sat 10 Mar. “Women Who Speak” Nancy Ma ceramics exhibition 10am-5pm Mon-Sat. Hong Kong House 80 Druitt St (Opposite Sydney Town Hall). Cost: FREE.

The La Perouse heritage-listed Chinese market gardens are back in the news with SMH story “Growing vegies becomes a question of life and death” on Saturday 7 January. Your continued support is needed to fight the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Trust’s attempt to acquire this land. See

May the upcoming Year of the Dragon bring peace, progress and prosperity to all.

Daphne Lowe Kelley
President, CHAA
Vice President, AASI
0417 655 233

Holiday Greetings to members and friends.

We have had a productive year and now look forward to this continuing into 2012 the Year of the Dragon.

Take a look at our upcoming events for the Chinese New Year Festival – Book early, don’t miss out. Full program of all events can be found on the City of Sydney website.

If you have not been out to the Parramatta Heritage Centre, 346A Church Street, to see the exhibition “From Canton with Courage; Australian Chinese in Parramatta and Beyond” do so these holidays, exhibition runs to 11 March 2012.

Enjoy the festive season.

Daphne Lowe Kelley
Chinese Heritage Association of Australia.

MEDIA RELEASE from Andrew Woodhouse, President, Australian Heritage Institute.

Tuesday 6th December, 2011 - 11:00pm
Ph 0415 949 506
Randwick Council pushes ahead with rezoning heritage-listed Chinese Market Gardens, Philip Bay, La Perouse.

Proposals by the Cemetery Trust, a state-owned entity to have the state heritage-listed Chinese market gardens rezoned as "special uses" is kleptocracy, not democracy," Andrew Woodhouse, president of the AHI said tonight after Randwick Council's Planning Committee decided to go ahead and publicly exhibit the proposed Local Environmental [LEP] with the market gardens site to be zoned RU4, agricultural small lots adding: "it would have stolen the current users' rights to run their business. "This is a victory for sustainability and heritage," Woodhouse says.
The RU4 zoning will allow the market gardens to continue a 130 year-old continuous use, although the uses of the site for general farming date back to the 1840s.
Councillor Andrews' proposal to rezone the site, at the last minute with nay notification for "special uses", for cemetery uses only, was defeated.

Andrew Woodhouse
Australian Heritage Institute.
Saving our past for the future.
Ph 0415 949 506

CHAA Media Release - La Perouse Market Gardens.

Wednesday 12th December, 2011 - CHAA Media Release re Chinese Market Gardens Phillip Bay, Le Perouse.

U.S. Senate apologises to the Chinese.

On 6 October 2011 the U.S. Senate approved a resolution apologizing for the nation's past discriminatory laws against Chinese immigrants.
A similar resolution is pending in the U.S. House of Representatives.
See link below to LA Times story (also many other similar articles can be found on the internet):
The Chinese Heritage Association of Australia is thrilled to learn this and we will be working to obtain a similar apology from the Australian government.
Daphne Lowe Kelley

CHAA Media Releases.

Exciting year planned for CHAA’s 10th Anniversary:
Media Release in English.
Media Release in Chinese.

CHAA 2012 Committee:
Media Release in English/Chinese.

CHAA AGM & Dinner 6 October 2011.

Notice of 2011 Annual General Meeting.
Accompanying this notice:
1. Nomination Form for the 2011-2012 Committee – to be received by 29 September 2011;
2. Form of appointment of Proxy – to be received no later than 24 hours before the time of meeting;
Download the Nomination Form, Proxy Form and Agenda here.

We look forward to seeing you at the CHAA AGM & Dinner on Thursday 6 October 2011.

Daphne Lowe Kelley

Chinese Australian History and Heritage Exhibition.

Media releases for the Chinese Australian History and Heritage Exhibition:

English Language version. Chinese Language version.

Parramatta Lord Mayor John Chedid opens Chinese Australian exhibition. From left Mimi Kwok, Jack Brook, Lord Mayor John Chedid, Daphne Lowe Kelley and Louisa Cheung.
Parramatta Lord Mayor John Chedid opens Chinese Australian exhibition (from left) Mimi Kwok, Jack Brook, Lord Mayor John Chedid, Daphne Lowe Kelley and Louisa Cheung.

CHAA President’s Update 30 July 2011.

News update from CHAA President Daphne Lowe Kelly.

Lambing Flat Remembrance.

I wrote the article below as a remembrance piece for the 150th anniversary of the terrible anti-Chinese riots and attack that occurred on the goldfields of Lambing Flat on 30 June 1861. It was published in the Sydney Morning Herald and just about every other newspaper in the country, resulting in many media interviews including a piece on SBS TV News.

Media have given this a twist by saying it is a demand for an apology. I make no demands but an apology for the discriminatory legislation that affected the Chinese for nearly 120 years would be welcome and bring closure to this sad period of Australia’s history.

A copy of my original article is available here: Lambing Flat Remembrance: Righting Wrongs.

Newspaper article links:

Here is another piece that coincidentally ran on SBS Radio with presenter Ron Sutton:

Daphne Lowe Kelley.

Meet the Premier

CHAA president Daphne Lowe Kelley and vice president Cheryl Cumines with NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell at the morning tea, on 1 July 2011, for representatives from the Chinese Community.

Meet the Premier

CHAA News Update 30 May 2011.

To: CHAA Members and friends.
From: Daphne Lowe Kelley, CHAA President. 0417 655 233

Hard to believe but this year is just flying by (always does when one is busy) and we are already preparing events for 2012, the Year of the Dragon.

1. We started the Year of the Rabbit with four very successful CHAA City of Sydney Chinese New Year Festival associated events: Chinese New Year Traditions talk by Angeline Oyang, two talks on Feng Shui by Fen Ingersole, Jack Brook introduced his recently published book From Canton with Courage and we screened the beautiful and moving silent 1931 movie The Peach Girl accompanied by evocative live music.

2. This was an especially busy time for me as I was also one of the storytellers in Performance 4a’s Stories East & West with performances at the Riverside Theatre Parramatta and the Belvoir Street Downstairs Theatre.

3. CHAA was well represented when Kathie Blunt joined Susan Leong and me on the City of Sydney’s Living in Harmony Festival Chinese Cultural Days Steering Committee. Chinese Cultural Days 2011 took place at the Darling Harbour Chinese Garden of Friendship on the 13 and 14 April. CHAA organised two events a demonstration of Chinese Opera Make-up and Costumes by Gabrielle Chan and talks on Feng Shui by Fen Ingersole assisted by two colleagues.  Thanks also to Marilyn Dooley, Mimi Kwok, Rose Boutin, Ruby Zhou and Denise Lau who helped as volunteers.

Chinese Cultural Days

4. Performances (Lion and other dances) were also organised by CHAA for Randwick City Council’s Harmony Day Concert at La Perouse on 20 March 2011 but unfortunately the concert was cancelled due to inclement weather.

5. CHAA members (Marilyn Dooley, Helen Fong, Wendy Hee and Daphne Lowe Kelley) presented papers at the CCCA National Conference (9 and 10 April) Finding the Chinese Australian Voice. The conference was officially opened by The Hon. Senator Penny Wong, Minister for Finance and Deregulation.

CCCA National Conference

6. On the weekend of 16 & 17 April, a coach load of CHAA and CWA (Chinese Women’s Association) members and friends visited Young and Harden-Murrumburrah (Lambing Flat 150th Anniversary Commemorative Coach Tour) which was holding its Lambing Flat Festival.  In addition to seeing and learning about some of the significant historical sites and events, a ‘Bai Shan’ ceremony was held at the Murrumburrah Cemetery for Chinese buried there long ago and a special play The Quiet Brother, written and directed by Ivy Mak, was performed for the first time at the Murrumburrah Showground.

Visting Currawong Station Bai San Paying respects at Murrumburrah Cemetery Special Performance of " Group with the "The Quiet Brother" cast at the Murrumburrah Showground.

Photos: Courtesy William Yang

7. Many thanks to Sally and Winnie Pang, whose family owned the China Modern Café, for their donations of ornaments which have been used as presentation gifts for the above activities and events.

8.Upcoming Events:

11 June 2011 (Sat) 2pm, SMSA Lambing Flat: Past Present and Future – Book now – Joint CHAA/CWA event – see Upcoming Events for full details.

23 July 2011 to 11 March 2012  From Canton with Courage exhibition (official launch 6 August). Parramatta Heritage Centre is partnering with Jack Brook on this and CHAA will also assist. (Important request: In order to supplement Jack’s work, which basically relates to the 19th century, additional information on 20th century and contemporary Chinese Australians who live, work, lived or worked, or had a special connection to the Parramatta region and its community is sought – this involves stories and/or photographs and objects.  Please advise anyone you know who might fit this category.)

3 September 2011 (Sat) CHAA’s History Week event Saving the La Perouse Chinese Market Gardens – this year’s theme is EAT History. Guest speaker – Christa Ludlow, National Trust (NSW) Landscapes Advocacy Committee member.

5 October 2011 (Wed) CHAA AGM and Dinner (details later).

9.Current Projects

Chinese Australian Women’s Stories – more stories needed for joint project with Jessie Street National Women’s Library

Threaded Stories Project – This 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art project with artist Liyen Chong started last year. New participants wanted for new series of workshops beginning Sunday 12 June 2012 1- 4pm (Contact Simon Soon, Community Projects Officer or Mi Sim 4A Project Intern 9212 0380)

10. Welcome to new members:  Geoff Douglas, Peter Hee, Sybil Jack

2011 NSW Premier’s Chinese Community Service Awards.

Daphne Lowe Kelley, winner of the “Jack Wong Sue Award for Voluntary Service Beyond the Chinese Community” being presented with her award by the NSW Premier the Hon. Kristina Keneally at Government House on 8 February 2011.
(Click photo for larger image.)

Daphne Lowe Kelley, winner of the “Jack Wong Sue Award for Voluntary Service Beyond the Chinese Community” being presented with her award by the NSW Premier the Hon. Kristina Keneally at Government House on 8 February 2011.

Winners of the 2011 NSW Premier’s Chinese Community Service Awards.
(Click photo for larger image.)

Winners of the 2011 NSW Premier’s Chinese Community Service Awards


You are invited to the Colloquium and the evening Seminar on “Chinese in Australian Politics” on the Wednesday, 8 September 2010.

1) University of Technology , Sydney , China and the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centres will be conducting a free Colloquium at UTS on the Wednesday, 8 September 2010 from 9 am to 5 pm at UTS. Light refreshments will be provided.
Venue: UTS, Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre Conference Room Level 3, 645 Harris St, Ultimo.
The coverage will include: 12 sessions on Community Organisation, Scoping the Research Field, Leadership and Social and Political Impact.
You must register no later than 1 September 2010 by contacting:

2) Chinese Australian Forum and the University of Technology China and the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centres will be holding a Dinner Seminar (Q and A format) on “Chinese in Australian Politics” at the Emperor’s Garden Restaurant, 100 Hay Street , Chinatown (Cnr Hay and Dixon ) on Wednesday 8 September 2010 at 6.30 pm.
Prof Stephen Fitzgerald (Former Ambassador for China ).
Panel Members:
Clr Justin Li (Independent-Ryde), Clr Marc Receretnam (Greens-Ashfield), Dr Peter Wong (Former MLC and Founder of Unity Party), Clr Lo Jieh-Yung (Labor-City of Monash) tbc, Clr Henson Liang (Liberal-Burwood), Mr Francis Lee (Media) and Prof Wanning Sun (UTS).

Cost is $25 and $15 for F/T Students and persons over 65. Booking is essential.
Details of the 2 events are in the attached flyer: Chinese in Australian Politics Colloquium.pdf

For further information contact:
Prof. Andrew Jakubowicz of UTS - Mobile 0419 821 102
Mr Anthony Pang, President, Chinese Australian Forum - Mobile 0414 512 027

CHAA president Daphne Lowe Kelley at the recent media conference for the "Chinese in Australian Politics" colloquium. Daphne and Dr Anthony Pun will be presenting a paper titled "The psyche of the Chinese community in Australian party politics."

Saving the heritage-listed Chinese Market Gardens at La Perouse.

Chinese community leaders were shocked to learn about a plan to resume 60% of the heritage­-listed Chinese Market Gardens at La Perouse, which was presented by representatives from the adjacent Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Botany Cemetery, at a Chinese Community Consultations meeting on 26 July 2010, organised by the Community Relations Commission and the Land and Property Management Authority...Click to read CHAA's full media release.

Media Coverage:
Sydney Morning Herald article - Endangered species of farmer could be pushing up daisies.
Sydney Morning Herald - Letters to the Editor, 31/07/2010.
ABC News Article - Cemetery spells death for Sydney market garden.

Media Release from historian Pauline Curby re loss of Market Gardens: Proposed resumption of heritage-listed market gardens.

Media release from Andrew Woodhouse, President, Australian Heritage Institute: State Government moves to evict Chinese market gardeners at historic La Perouse site and downgrade heritage based on hidden report. Calls for Kristina Keneally to intervene.

CHAA congratulates CAF on its 25th Anniversary.

Senator Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water, was the guest of honour at the Chinese Australian Forum's 25th Anniversary Dinner, held at the Marigold Restaurant on 9 July 2010. The Chinese Heritage Association of Australia was one of the supporting organisations and a number of CHAA members were present including president Daphne Lowe Kelley, treasurer Kathie Blunt, Susan Leong, Colin and Shirley Lum, Marilyn Dooley, Libby Wong and Mimi Kwok.

CHAA president Daphne Lowe Kelley (far right) with guest of honour Senator Penny Wong who delivered the keynote address.

Some of the CHAA members present at CAF’s 25th Anniversary Dinner.

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